Current Planning Applications

Little Manor Farm House, Manor Lane, Pinley Green

Shepherds Fold, Finwood Road

The Timbers, Old Warwick Road

Rosary Cottage, Lapworth Street, Bushwood

Field at Haywood Lane and junction with Case Lane, Mousley End, Rowington

Oldfield Farm, Old Warwick Road

Finwood Cottage, Mill Lane, Rowington

Lynton House, Queens Drive, Rowington

Foxbrook Cottage, Old Warwick Road, Rowington

Finwood Hill Farm, Mill Lane, Rowington

Land North West of Pinley Green

Meadow Croft, High Cross Lane, Rowington

Middle Rookery Farm, Rookery Lane, Lowsonford

St Annes Close, Mill Lane, Rowington

Old Vicarage, Old Warwick Road, Rowington

Lower Rookery, Rookery Lane,

The Old Farm, Haywood Lane

Cocks Close, Old Warwick Road, Rowington

Barn at Mousley House Farm, Case Lane, Rowington

The Old Farm, Quarry Lane, Rowington

St Anne’s Close, Mill Lane

Old Beams, Lapworth Street, Lowsonford